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Terms and Conditions

Worldwide Combos Terms and Conditions


The Worldwide Combos Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) define the conditions through which the physical person Noël Nadal "the administrator", domiciled at the address 7 rue Sainte Colombe 94240 L'Haÿ-les-Roses France, owner and editor of the website (“the website”), hosted by Scalingo SAS, 3 place de Haguenau 67000 Strasbourg France (SIRET 80866548300018), provides users with access to an online gaming platform on which users can play, either alone or with another user, watch other users play or view statistics related to the aforementioned users' activity.

Terms and Conditions agreement

You agree to the following Terms and Conditions, in their entirety, when you access or use the Website or register as a member of the Website (“Player”). You declare to recognize that you have read the present Terms and Conditions. The administrator reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions. You will be informed of any modification made to these terms and conditions so that you may take into account any changes. You must also have become acquainted with the Worldwide Combos Privacy Policy.

Terms of registration

Registration conditions

Registration is open to anyone whose age is 13 years or above. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 (or between 13 and the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction of residence), you may only use the website under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Registration is limited to one active account per user. Active accounts are accounts that are not guest accounts and have not been closed by the administrator. The administrator reserves the right to close accounts such that those account's owners own strictly more than one active account.

Guest account registration

Registering with a guest account is mandatory for any use of the website as a player. In order to register with a guest account, one should visit the "start" page, and accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy. Then, the user will be, with that guest account, able to create a real account.

Guest accounts that are not upgraded become unavailable after one month of inactivity.

Validated account registration

Creating a validated account requires having already a guest account. Then the user will be asked the following informations: e-mail address, and personal username. The administrator reserves the right to prohibit the use of any username that the administrator judges as inappropriate. Once you have provided the requisite registration data, the administrator will send an activation e-mail to the e-mail address provided during registration. The activation e-mail shall contain a clickable link which allows the Company to validate the accuracy of your e-mail address. Once this validation link is opened, the account becomes a validated account.

Using your account

You must always insure that links directing you to the website are real. For a secure connection the address window of your web browser must always begin with,, or (also check if there is a padlock symbol before the URL address). Any other address does not belong to the website. With each attempt to connect to the website, you may be asked to provide your username and password. This information will be checked against the data provided at the account’s creation. Should this information not correspond to the information in our files, connection to the website may be denied. Each time a connection is made to the website using your information, the connection will be deemed to be made by you. You are responsible for logging-off the website at the end of every session and for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. The administrator is in no way responsible for the use of the website by a third party using your personal information. You must inform the administrator immediately should there be any unauthorized use of your personal data. Where you report any such unauthorized use, your account will be promptly deactivated and the administrator will commence an investigation.

Worldwide Combos lets you publish comments on website articles, as well as talk in in-game public chatrooms. When you do so, you agree not to use discriminatory, offensive, racist, violent, impolite, and illegal or any other language that violates the right of third parties. It is also prohibited to advertise on the website (sales messages or undesirable advertisements). The administrator reserves the right to exclude any player that violates these rules from commenting and/or chatting on the website.

Account deletion

Any account owner may request that their account is deleted. To do this, they should contact the administrator and provide enough evidence that they are indeed the account's owner (typically, a confirmation email will be sent).

The administrator may also decide to close one's account if one of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • the account user is threatening the website's proper functioning through its use (e.g. hacking);
  • the account uses the website's features in a way that is not fair-play (e.g. colluding with other players/accounts).

Shop usage

Worldwide Combos provides a shop to purchase some products. These products are of two types: premium accounts and Worldwide Combos merch. Using an account is mandatory to make purchases.

Purchase price

Users may purchase products by two means: with Worldwide coins or with euros. Using both for the same purchase (e.g. paying one half with coins and the other hald with euros) is not possible.

When purchasing with coins, a popup asking the user to confirm that they are willing to spend their coins will be displayed prior to the actual purchase. This popup displays the amount of coins required and this gives the exact amount to pay.

When purchasing with euros, the user will be redirected to the ("Stripe") plateform to enter their credit card information, in order to make the payment. On that page, the exact amount to pay will be displayed.

Order fulfillment

When purchasing a premium account, the order is fulfilled immediately after the payment have been received. The premium features are unlocked on the user's account, for the desired period of time.

When purchasing merch, the order is fulfilled by the ("Printful") company. Usually, it takes 3–7 days to fulfill an order, after which it’s shipped out. The shipping time depends on your location, but can be estimated as follows.

  • USA: 3–4 business days
  • Europe: 6–8 business days
  • Australia: 2–14 business days
  • Japan: 4–8 business days
  • International: 10–20 business days

Return policy

We don’t offer returns and exchanges, but if there’s something wrong with your order, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected].

Refunds are only offered to customers that receive the wrong items or damaged items. If any of these apply, please contact us at [email protected] with photos of wrong/damaged items and we will sort that out for you.

Personal data privacy policy

In accordance with the framework of its activity and current legislation, particularly the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), Worldwide Combos guarantees the protection, the confidentiality and the security of this website, users’ personal data, and their private life. This privacy policy is available by clicking on this link:

Limitations of liability

The administrator and the hosting provider are not legally responsible vis-à-vis other players in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions by any player, including in the case of fraudulent activity, defamatory, degrading or racist remarks made by a player on the webite. In the event of disconnection from the webite resulting from a malfunction of the player’s computer or internet connection, the administrator is not liable for any malfunctioning of the website related to the player's statistics and results during the incident.

The player agrees that he or she will not communicate or transfer in any manner his or her log-in information to a third party.

Force majeure

Neither the administrator nor the hosting provider can be held responsible for any interruption to the Website operations or services due to unforeseen circumstances or to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to: natural disasters, such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.; war, insurrection, arson, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities or terrorism; failures in fibre optic cables, strikes, or lack of transportation, infrastructure, fuel, energy, labour or materials; failure of infrastructure providing telecommunications and information services; piracy (hacking), spam, computer, hardware or software failure.