Rulesets in Worldwide Combos

All you need to know about Rulesets in Worldwide Combos.


Rulesets determine the rules of the rounds that you are going to play, either in Quickplay or in Custom rooms with basic settings. They specify some parameters that will influence, for instance, how to send lines, how long the rounds will last, etc...

As of now there are twelve official rulesets, which are enabled by default in Quickplay:

Custom room's basic settings also let you pick "Mixed" rulesets, which basically let you play some or all of the NL or TL rulesets in a randomized order in a custom room. Custom rooms also let you pick rulesets that do not correspond to a quickplay ruleset, through the advanced settings.

Custom rulesets may be created by players owning a Premium account, once a custom ruleset is made all players may join it in Quickplay through the filters menu.