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Worldwide Combos 0.8 has been released

Created on 2018-02-17, last modified on 2018-02-17.


It's been quite a long time since the latest update. Here are a few news concerning how Worldwide Combos has evolved with this new release.

First of all, there is a Survivor mode! You will find it in the Training page. If you stay alive more than four minutes, then you will unlock an Elite Survivor mode, which is way harder than the first one. Good luck and have fun! Second, a few customization features, which are available in the Options page, have been added. You may now make your blocks spawn one line higher. You may also disable the whistle sound that is usually triggered when a new round starts. You may also change your background: either a black one (which was the only one before), or a one with stars.

Third, there is now a timetable feature. If you registered for Beta Tournament 1, then you probably remember that you had to fill a timetable, so that the server could schedule your tournament matches. Now, you are able to fill a timetable, that will be used for all the upcoming tournaments. Also, in a later release, you will be able to share this timetable with some of your friends, so that they can know when to invite you for a custom match.

This is not all: several bugs have been fixed, and the website has been made more and more user-friendly to let you have the best experience here.

Have fun!


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