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Worldwide Combos 0.7 is ready!

Created on 2018-01-06, last modified on 2018-01-06.


First of all, happy new year! :D

Worldwide Combos 0.7 is finally available. Note that there are fancy snowflakes falling from the top of the screen. :P

I made a lot of bug fixes, and I added a few things.

1) You may now customize block colors in options.
2) You can change your speed tunings in the tutorial and test them without refreshing anything.
3) There is a restart button, as well as a restart key in warm-up and sprint modes.
4) There are now profile pages for members. Right now they are not very accessible, but I will improve this in future patches.
5) There are also match report pages. Be careful though, due to past disconnections some data is weird. Tell me if you want a specific match to be rearranged correctly.
6) You may now watch sprint replays!

I didn't add an extra line at the top of the field as promised because the Beta Tournament 1 is not over yet and this could have an influence on the rounds' outcomes. Also, I have some trouble with multiplayer replays, and therefore I decided not to release it today. For sure, it will appear soon.

Have fun!


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