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Register for Beta Tournament 1!

Created on 2017-11-22, last modified on 2017-11-22.


As promised, registration for the first tournament ever on Worldwide Combos is open.

My goal when making these tournaments is to provide a nice competitive experience to you players, no matter your skill level. Therefore, tournament formats will be made so that you may play against players that have approximately the same level as you.

The tournament rules will probably change from time to time. This time, the rules are : 2 minutes for one round, no KO limit.

This first tournament will be a bit different from other ones, as there is no tournament ranking yet, which means that the server cannot divide players accurately into distinct divisions. Instead, all participants will be taking part in a pool round, where you will play against three or four players of various levels. Even though some matches may be unbalanced, know that not only the fact that you won or lost counts, but how (number of KOs, lines sent...). Therefore, you will always have something to earn, in order to get a better ranking. Also, after the pool round, players will be splitted in two divisions for a single elimination round. It means that if you don't do well during the pool round, it is guaranteed that you will face players with a closer level afterwards.

In order to make things easier, when registering you will be asked to tell us when you are available to play. Like this, when the tournament starts the server will chose match starting times that fit to both you and your opponents. Filling everything should take up to a few minutes, and in order to go faster I recommend using the shortcut as well as the copy-paste feature (go to the register page for more information about this).

All other informations are on the tournament page Do not hesitate to contact me if you find any bugs or don't understand something. And do not forget to bring your friends, to make things even more fun!


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