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Worldwide Combos 0.4 is released.

Created on 2017-09-09, last modified on 2017-09-09.


After such a long time, I finally made a new update (0.4). I am sorry it took so long to me to do this, I didn't expect all these changes to be so time-consuming to implement. The fact is that I am going to use some times for my studies (started this week), so I am not sure how much time I will be spending on this. For this reason, I released this 0.4 version without custom games, even though I said it would be a new feature. Actually, only the server-side is still not done, but as I said, I don't know when I will be able to do that. Similarly, the live spectator mode is temporarily disabled. So, the changes are the following.

  • Changed completely the game's design.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the opponent's elo rating that wouldn't be displayed in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed a bug concerning the fact that an opponent would sometimes be shown as being disconnected instead of losing before the time limit.
  • Fixed the bugs related to the autoshift repeat rates.
  • Added a few country flags.
  • Improved options and settings, especially concerning newsletters that may be sent in the future.
  • Added a sprint mode.
  • Added a warm-up mode.
  • The "solo" mode is now called "ghostbuster".
  • Guests may now use all the settings and options features.
  • Only top 20 is displayed in rankings page.
It is likely that some minor changes will be made in the short term. Have fun on Worldwide Combos!

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