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Worldwide Combos 2.0 patch notes

Created on 2020-03-04, last modified on 2020-03-04.

After a long wait, Worldwide Combos is back with a brand new update! To start with, sincere apologies for all the issues that occurred on the website since the update was first pushed on Sunday early morning (in UTC time). Most of these issues should now be fixed. If you find anything that does not seem normal to you, please report your problem on the official Discord server with as many details as possible (such as, screenshots, console logs, how to reproduce the bug...).

Along with patch 2.0, competitive Season 2 will start! In order to avoid delays, some parts of the planned update have been skipped, and therefore a few features are temporarily disabled:

  • friends list;
  • replays;
  • profile pages;
  • warm-up options;
  • possibility to test new tunings and key binds directly in the settings;
  • premium account.
The Season 2 announcement will be released very shortly, so stay tuned and get ready for some tough action!


The dashboard has drastically changed, to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate through. This update also fixes some bugs that used to happen when resizing the page, as well as reduces the page reloads as much as possible.

Tuning Limit

Big change in Tuning Limit rulesets: line clear delay has made its appearance! The line clear animation is not triggered in No Limit ruleset. Also, it is now possible to queue in both No Limit and Tuning Limit rulesets in Quickplay.

Combo table

In order to make the game meta shift toward more skillful gameplay, the way combos work has been reworked. By default, the combo table is 0-0-1-1-1-..., but for every line clear involving a handicap line, a bonus counter is incremented. Then, the number of lines sent is increased by either this bonus or the combo cap, whichever the smallest. The combo cap is 0-0-1-2-2-3-3-3-4-...

Note that, until this update Chaos rulesets had a different combo table, it is not the case anymore.

Games' duration

Games with a time limit do not last the same amount of time anymore: instead, it might end earlier if the KO difference is too big to leave a decent hope for a comeback. Another change is, if both players are tied in KOs at the end of the round, then the round continues until someone gets knocked out. In order for the round not to last forever, solid garbage lines will rise as time passes.

All spins buff

When all spins is enabled, making two consecutive spins with two different types of blocks will give you a +2 back-to-back bonus (instead of 1). May the best spinners win!

Have fun on Worldwide Combos!

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