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Worldwide Combos 2019 World Championship qualifiers starting this week-end!

Created on 2019-11-29, last modified on 2019-11-29.

Almost twelve weeks ago, Worldwide Combos' first competitive season started. As a conclusion to these nearly three months of fierce battles, the first ever Worldwide Combos World Championship will be held, starting from December 10th!

As announced at the beginning of the season, 8 players per ruleset will be invited to play. As of now only the long tournament winners are (partly) known: cheep (USA) in NLH, Matecito (Argentina) in NLB, Salubris (Denmark) in TLH and bennxt (Taiwan) in TLC are guaranteed a spot in their respective rulesets. Not only will the TLB and NLC tournament winners be revealed soon, but four players per ruleset will be automatically qualified based on their seasonal ranking.

If you are not among those players, then no worries: everybody still had a chance to qualify! From this week-end, and for two weeks, qualifiers will be running on the website to give the last three spots in each category: one for America, one for Europe/Africa/Middle-East, and one for Asia/Oceania. Win a qualifier to get a chance to become one of the first Worldwide Combos world champions!

All qualifiers

Precisions: you may not change your country once you played at least one Qualifier. You can't play a Qualifier if you are already qualified for the target championship. If you win a Qualifier and can't play the target championship then your spot will be given to the next player in the Qualifier (ties between players eliminated at the same stage in the play-offs are broken according to their open phase ratings). If you were qualified without playing a Qualifier and can't play the championship you are Qualified for then one more spot will be given in the region you belong to. You are allowed to (try to) qualify for several championships.

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