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0.13 & 0.14 patch notes

Created on 2019-07-11, last modified on 2019-07-11.


These past few weeks have been busy on Worldwide Combos, as the number of players significantly increased and resulted in some issues related to the website hosting. This would result in very long loading times, and migrating towards a new server became a necessity.

This migration eventually happened on June 23rd, along with the 0.13 update. This was followed by an important number of server-side issues that brought long downtimes over several days (as well as e-mail delivery issues). Fortunately, all these issues now seem to be solved, and, on this occasion, the 0.14 update has become available!

What follows is a summary of the last two updates, you may find some more details on the Wiki.

0.13 update

Gameplay changes
  • Back-to-back bonuses are now all 1.
  • In Chaos mode, the combo bonuses now caps at 2 (instead of 3).
  • The anti-stall system should now work as expected at the end of a round.
  • The whistle sound at the end of a multiplayer round has been lowered.


As the number of players significantly increased, the matchmaking system showed some defaults regarding the competitive experience this mode is trying to provide. There were two main issues:

  • high rated players had a hard time finding opponents as the number of players with similar ratings was very low;
  • since the bot was less triggered than usual, and since the rating changes were only 40% of normal rounds changes, the bot's ratings would not keep up with the rating inflation and have a much lower rating that they would deserve, hence resulting in bot rounds with low probability of winning for those who were concerned.
As a consequence, the following changes have been made:
  • the rating changes for rounds against the bot are now 100% of usual Quickplay rating changes;
  • two players can now be matched for any given ruleset no matter what, if their difference of ranks is less than 10% of the number of players in the corresponding ranking.
At the same occasion, it has been decided to increase Quickplay and Quickfire rating changes to match tournament rating changes. This increases rating inflation and thus reduces the changes of meeting a much stronger / weaker opponent regarding the points threshold system. We wish you a great competitive experience on this website!

Friend system

The friend system is a first stop towards a better social interaction on Worldwide Combos. You will be able to keep contact with your opponents, see when they are online, and join their custom room with one click. More features to be added in future updates!

  • Friends can be added and deleted in the Welcome tab, in the Dashboard.
  • Players can see if their friends are online or not, and which section of the website they are in.
  • When a friend is in a custom room, there is a link to join that room.
Custom Games

Originally, custom rooms were implemented to let tournament matches happen. Since it was their main purpose, they were indeed not very user-friendly for more casual play. This update paves the way for a brand new custom room implementation, with some lacking features being added, such as: setting up a room name, letting the room host add / kick players, or being able to chat. It is also a first step towards 3+ rooms, as the rounds are now handled in a way that can be generalized for a bigger number of players than just 2. Stay tuned for more customizations!

Apart from that, customizations related to the Chaos ruleset have been added, as promised, in the advanced settings. You may now set the bag randomizer of your choice, as well as choose whether to count all spins or not.


Translations are coming on Worldwide Combos! From now on they are going to be added little by little. If you want to contribute to translations, please apply on the Discord server. Language settings can be found in Settings/Customization.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added Chaos settings to the Warm-up mode.
  • Improved the home page.
  • Tournament announcements are now shown in the in-game chat.

0.14 update

Gameplay changes
  • Bombs ruleset now has blocking garbage (same as Holes and Chaos).
  • Players now have 10 seconds to place every block (instead of 20 before).
  • It is now possible to disable the ghost feature.
  • The started speed tunings are now 150/25, 25/25, and 1000.
    • Players that kept the previous default tunings now have these new default tunings.
Friending system
  • Sending private messages to your friends is now possible!
    • To access those messages, open the chat window, then on the "Globe" icon.
    • Private messages are saved and thus do not disappear at every server restart.
  • It is now possible to manage friends on players' profile pages.
  • Friends are now sorted by last login time.
  • Fixed a bug that would display a player's "activity" while they are actually offline.
In-game chat
  • The chat now supports Discord emojis (you need to type from Discord to have them rendered).
  • Players in a Custom room now have the possibility to move to the general chat without leaving their room.
  • There are no rating changes anymore when both players disconnect from the same round.
  • The 200 points rating threshold for matchmaking has been replaced by a 150 points rating threshold.
  • New feature: tuning limit!
    • Tuning limit mode is meant to be an intermediary competitive environnement, between the "no limit" division and the "speed limit" division. Tunings are at least 150/25, 25/25, 1000, to provide a gameplay less focused on speed and more focused on tactics.
    • When joining Quickplay queue, you have the choice between playing with no limit or with tuning limit. Rounds played with tuning limit are rated, yet there are separate "tuning limit" ratings and rankings.
    • When in queue, players with tuning limit enabled cannot be matched against played with no limit that have a strictly higher rating than them.
    • Players playing in "no limit" with these tunings don't have their "limit" rating changed.
    • As this is a brand new feature, do not hesitate to provide feedback about it!
  • The Quickplay tab in the Dashboard now shows the list of last rounds played.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when someone would reload the page right after finding a match.
Other improvements and fixes
  • Improved the Replay page description.
  • Fixed the order in which tournaments would appear in the Tournaments tab.
  • Go back to the home page.



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