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Worldwide Combos is two years old!

Created on 2019-07-03, last modified on 2019-07-03.

On July 2nd, 2017, Worldwide Combos 0.1 was released. It has been two years since then, and more than ever, Worldwide Combos is growing towards its original goal: become a competitive platform for players of various levels.

During the last year, over 165,000 games have been played (around 35,000 during the first year), while the number of validated accounts got almost multiplied by 6. While Ghostbuster mode used to be the most played one for a while, the increased number of players made multiplayer become the main feature, as it was meant to be. Now, over 92,000 multiplayer games have been played in total, while the Ghostbuster games count should reach 50,000 within a few hours.

Like the first year, these past two months have been full of updates and events. Shortly after the website's first birthday, Worldwide Combos 0.10 got released. This update introduced bombs handicap in Ghostbuster as well as in custom rooms, as well as a brand new single-page Dashboard user interface. This update appeared to have many issues and fixing them eventually took several months.

In January 2019, Hard Drop Open X, a tournament played on 7 different block-stacking games including Worldwide Combos, got announced. This lead to several tournament matches, including two in the Grand finals, played on this website.

On March 18th, 0.11 update finally got released, with two new game modes: Bombs Quickplay and Bombs Survivor. It also features important changes in the gameplay, regarding the combos (which got nerfed), and the back-to-back system, which evolved to reward back-to-back chains in the long run (this got removed as it turned out to be a bad idea). And finally, the Speed Limit feature was introduced, to provide a safer competitive environnement to slower players. On this occasion, Beta Tournament 4 and Beta Tournament 4 (Speed Limit 2.6BPS) were held at the same time, gathering respectively 20 and 21 participants. Anomalous Aberration (USA) and Tetrian22 (Australia) were the winners of those events.

On May 2nd, Worldwide Combos 0.12 was available, with all spins support: especially, a Chaos Quickplay mode made its appearance, to provide a competitive all-spins experience to players. This update also brought sound effects (finally!) to the game, as well as a brand new tournament system: Worldwide Blitz. Since then, 9 Worldwide Blitz events have been held, in all three Quickplay rulesets with up to 16 participants at once.

Last but not least, Worldwide Combos was updated to 0.13 release on June 21st. This update, though quite small, added a friending system, website translation (still under way), and, most importantly, paved the way for future custom room improvements, including 2+ players rooms (no release date announced yet). As the website's activity significantly increased shortly before that, it was also a good opportunity to improve the matchmaking system and provide the best possible experience for players of all levels.

It is hard to foresee how things will keep going, but it is already sure that the end of 2019 will be busy as Worldwide Combos first competitive season is scheduled to begin in the end of August. Before that, expect an important update later this week, and another one in the beginning of August (which will include all information about the upcoming competitive season). And, while waiting for all of these, don't forget to have fun!

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