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Worldwide Combos 0.12 patch notes

Created on 2019-05-03, last modified on 2019-05-03.


It's been a few weeks since the 0.11 update. The activity on the website significantly increased since then and I hope that this trend will keep going. Enjoy the new features!


The 0.11 update changed significantly the game experience by nerfing high combos and at the same time changing the back-to-back system. It seemed like rewarding longer back-to-back chains was seen as a good idea, however the way it was implemented buffed this strategy, to the point that others were not viable anymore. Furthermore, this would increase the consequences of a KO or a misdrop by a lot, which would make a game very unbalanced after only a few seconds of play, at a high level of play. As a consequence, the following changes have been made.

  • No matter what, the back-to-back bonus is 1 on the first one, then 2.
  • Players getting knocked out get 5 points of "shield", which means that they will not receive the next 5 lines sent by their opponent.
    • The bot in Quickplay does not benefit from this shield mechanism.
  • The auto-locking system is triggered after 20 seconds of play, instead of 5.
    • The limit is still 5 seconds in Survivor modes.
  • In the end of a Ghostbuster or multiplayer round, all pending handicap lines are added to the field no matter what, then the game checks if the player would get knocked out or not.
  • Handicap lines are not added to the field no matter what, if they all came less than 500ms ago.
And there is still one more change...
  • Worldwide Combos now has Sound effects! They are enabled by default, and you may change the volume in the Settings.


  • New mode: Chaos!
    • This game is played with holes handicap and 21-bag randomiser.
    • All spins are rewarded: the spin detection works in the same way as for the T-shaped block (see the wiki for the details).
    • This mode is playable in Custom Games, in the Basic settings only. 21-bag randomiser and all spins detection will be available in the advanced settings soon.
  • New matchmaking rules
    • The bot is now available in all modes! Thanks again to Ruadh for his contribution.
    • The bot may now trigger even if there are other players in Quickplay: this should significantly reduce waiting times when the number of players is low.
    • The bot will trigger more quickly when the player in queue hasn't played a lot of rounds yet. This is because the player's rating is probably not accurate: you may consider those rounds as placement rounds. It is still possible to disable the bot in the Settings no matter what.

Worldwide Blitz

Worldwide Blitz is a brand new series of tournaments, that are meant to be last between one hour and one hour and a half. Its brand new original format should let everyone have fun while playing against opponents of similar levels. You can get further information about the exact format on the corresponding tournament pages.


  • The user interface has been modified to use the available space in a more optimal way.
  • A chat window has been added. This chat is linked to the Discord server.
  • The Custom Games tab now shows your currently opened rooms.
  • Whenever some content takes time to load, a loading icon will appear instead.
  • Added the type of game in Quickplay games' lists.
  • Added a Refresh button in the Custom Games tab.

Fixed bugs

  • Some players had a bug that would make them lose hundreds of rating points in a single game. This should not happen anymore, and affected players should now all have their rating points back.
  • Blocks should not keep falling down anymore when the round is over.
  • The bot should not start earlier than the player anymore.
  • Quickplay rounds should not start unexpectedly when playing a solo mode anymore.

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