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Recruiting streamers/commentators!

Created on 2019-04-08, last modified on 2019-04-08.

As we are going towards the end of those tournaments, I am looking for people who would volunteer to stream and commentate some final bracket matches. In particular, I would like these four matches to be broadcasted on Twitch:
- main tournament semi-finals and final;
- speed limit tournament final.

The goal is to have an "official" Worldwide Combos channel that would mostly feature tournaments (and maybe quickfires later): (nothing much to see for now, I might add extra content this week). In case you missed the news, the spectating bug is now fixed for multiplayer games (except those that are featuring bombs handicap, but you won't get them in this tournament).

Ideally, you should meet the following requirements to apply.
1) Be fluent in English.
2) Be known at least a little bit as a streamer in this community, or in one of the communities listed in #useful-links.
3) Be often available so that you are likely to be here when the matches happen, obviously.

Even though this is completely based on volunteering, you may benefit from the following "rewards" if you help us.
1) The spectating system has been improved a bit so that it displays the commentator's name as well as their Twitch channel if they have one, on the waiting screen between rounds (all spectators and Twitch viewers will see it). Note that you need to write your Twitch channel in your profile settings in order for this feature to work properly.
2) Your channel will be guaranteed to be in the host list for at least one year. The latest streamer will be at the top of the list, and every time you commentate you will go back to the top of the list, and so on.

If you are interested, just send a private message to me, either through Discord or the feedback button on the website. Thank you in advance for your valuable help! :D


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