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Registration for Beta Tournament 4 is open!

Created on 2019-03-18, last modified on 2019-03-18.

Along with the 0.11 update, I am glad to invite all of you to Beta Tournament 4!

Many things did not change since Beta Tournament 3: the tournament is still splitted into two, and both consist in a pool round, then a single elimination bracket. Both tournaments are still expected to last four weeks, players being asked to play twice a week. Also, the tournament is still on holes handicap, no matter what the update was about. :-)

There is a big change now: the "Div. 2" tournament has been replaced by a "Speed Limit 2.6BPS" tournament. It means that, for every sequence of 10 blocks that you place, if that sequence was placed at a speed greater than 2.6 blocks per second, then you get a unclearable handicap line, until the end of the round. This is meant to avoid having smurfs in that lower tournament, and ruin other player's fun.

Like before, if you don't know where to register you may register in both and I will chose the division for you.

Register for Beta Tournament 4

Register for Beta Tournament 4 (Speed Limit 2.6PPS)

Good luck and have fun! :D

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