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Worldwide Combos 0.11 is live!

Created on 2019-03-18, last modified on 2019-03-18.

Two new gamemodes, improved gameplay, speed limit feature: the 0.11 update is finally available!

The main new feature is that bombs handicap have been added to Quickplay: it means that you may either play with bombs or with usual garbage with holes. You don't like one of them? No problem, edit your Quickplay filters to play only with your favorite settings. As playing with bombs is very special, every player now has a bombs multiplayer rating, which works in the same way as the holes one: with Anomalous Aberration currently dominating that holes rating, who will be the other Worldwide Combos #1?

Obviously, I cannot talk about Quickplay without mentionning the bot. This bot was added in a 0.10 patch and had a few issues (typically, topping out). Thanks to Ruadh, we now have a brand new bot, which is much stronger. Note that for now the bot only plays with holes. If you still do not like the bot, no worries again, disable the bot in the Settings and you will never see it again.

The other new gamemode is also related to bombs: Bombs survivor makes its appearance on Worldwide Combos. The format is the same as for holes: reach 4 minutes in the Normal Survivor mode to unlock the Elite Survivor mode. You are warmly invited to try it! Spoiler: it's easier to unlock with bombs.

The other big feature that has been added is the Speed Limit feature. Meant to provide a safer competitive environment for slower players, it is available in Warm-up, Custom Games, and... tournaments, replacing the Div. 2 tournaments that existed before!

Apart from that, many bug fixes, interface improvements, and, maybe more important, some adjustments to the gameplay: 8+ combos have been nerfed, and the back-to-back system has been redesigned: the longer your B2B is, the bigger the bonus is! And, to make downstacking more challenging, garbage messiness has been increased.

It has been months since the last update. During that time, many patches were added to improve players' experience on Worldwide Combos. The activity reached its peek during the Hard Drop Open X, which featured 7 block-stacking plateforms, including this one: once again, congratulations for qmk for winning! And for others, registration for Beta Tournament 4 opens in less than an hour: hoping to see you there!


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