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2018 Christmas Quickfires on Worldwide Combos!

Created on 2018-12-20, last modified on 2018-12-20.

Hi everyone!

It's been quite a long time since the last news. Since then, Worldwide Combos 0.10 has been released with tons of new features. However, unfortunately they also came with tons of issues and bugs, and it's only nowadays that's it's starting to provide a decent gaming experience again.

To celebrate 2018 Christmas, I am glad to invite you to two special Quickfire tournaments: they will take place on December 22nd (21:00 UTC) and December 30th (13:00 UTC). Two events are being hosted to let people from all timezones participate; however, feel free to take part in both of them if you can.

This event will be special and probably different from what you are used to: indeed, it will feature handicap with bombs! Instead of having holes in the garbage, you will get bombs, and only by placing blocks above those blocks will you be able to get rid of handicap lines. For some of you this might be familiar, for some other it will definitely not be: in any case, playing with this handicap type in a competitive setting is a very rare opportunity, and I am looking forward watching players of all levels giving a try!

This will be special for another reason: for the first time, a prize will be given to one of the participants. The prize will be drawn at random between all the players that took part in at least one Quickfire and had perfect attendance throughout the quickfires they took part in. The winner will win a Twitch subscription to the channel they want, provided it is related to block-stacking games in general.

As usual, those Quickfire should last between one hour and one hour and a half, and registration will be open one hour before the start. The format will be either round robin or swiss, depending on the number of participants. No matter your skill level, you are welcome to participate and have fun during this end of the year!

Christmas Quickfire #1
Christmas Quickfire #2
Good luck and have fun!


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