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It's been a year

Created on 2018-07-03, last modified on 2018-07-03.

It's been a year! On July 2nd, 2017 Worldwide Combos 1.0 was released, and it was the first public release ever. Since then, nearly 35000 games have been played, either in multiplayer (the 7000 mark was reached today), or in the various solo modes, such as Ghosbuster (more than 14000), Sprint (almost 7000), or Survivor (more than 6000).

By the way, this is what Worldwide Combos 0.1 looked like. It changed a lot, isn't it?

Here's a quick storyline of what happened in a year.

On July 2nd, Worldwide Combos 0.1 was released. At that time only Ghostbuster (which was called "Solo") and Quickplay modes (with solid garbage) existed. The combo table was too strong, so it got quickly nerfed to become what it still is at the moment. Also, the game itself consisted in a single-page application, from which all features were accessible.

On July 6th, the 0.2 update brought handicap with holes for multiplayer games. At that time the playerbase was almost inexistant, though there had been nearly 100 guests playing since the very beginning.

On July 16th, the 0.3 update was out, with the first version of the tutorial for beginners. Also, the website (not including the game's page) started changing a lot in terms of design and layout, which forecast how Worldwide Combos would look like in the future. Also, some changes were made to the game grids themselves, to make them become darker. After that update Worldwide Combos became a little bit more active for one or two weeks, then it became pretty inactive in August (no update during that month).

On September 9th, Worldwide Combos 0.4 was ready. That was the biggest update so far, with the game that wasn't a single page app anymore. Actually, it was already pretty similar to what it currently looks like. The Sprint mode was also created on that update. This 0.4 update brought a lot of new people (thanks to Blink who tweeted about it, I guess), yet there was an important bug related to the soft drop that would often glitch, which somehow spoiled that update.

On November 9th, the game got updated to 0.5. The main new feature was the custom rooms, so that matches with several rounds could be played. It also fixed the softdrop bug that used to happen before.

On November 21st, the tournament system got ready to be used, along with the 0.6 update (which also brought 180° rotations). The first Beta Tournament started on November 27th, and Worldwide Combos reached 100 members the day before. A lot of technical problems happened during that tournament, especially disconnections, that caused a lot of rounds to be played again. Despite this, the tournament was held successfully until the end, with OnePunMan (Australia) in Div. 1, and Legitimate Ted (USA) and Div. 2, being the first tournament winners ever, out of 20 participants. On a completely different note, the Discord server appeared during that time!

On January 6th, Worldwide Combos 0.7 was released. This is the first update where Worldwide Combos became sort of smooth (while it was quite laggy for most players before that). It also brought color customisation for blocks, profile pages, and a new rating system for Ghostbuster and Multiplayer rankings (which was mainly meant to avoid players going above 5000 points in Ghostbuster). Three days later, the 0.7.2 patch significantly reduced the number of disconnections in multiplayer. On July 20th, Vince_HD (Philippines) became the first player to achieve sub 20 in Sprint on this website.

On February 17th, the 0.8 update was out, featuring a new solo mode: Survivor (and his brother Elite Survivor). It also added one extra line at the top of the field for those who wanted it. Beta Tournament 2 started less than 10 days later: 8 people joined Div. 1 and 14 people joined Div. 2. OnePunMan won the Div. 1 tournament once again, while Shana (Australia) won Div. 2. During that tournament, Worldwide Combos reached 200 members!

Finally, on May 13th, the 0.9 update was released. This was a main improvement as the game is now working properly on Google Chrome, which was not the case before. This update also added timezones support for match scheduling, and well as a Wiki and an API. Beta Tournament 3 was held a week after this update. This was by far the biggest tournament in terms of skill level and number of participants: 15 players in Div. 1 and 20 in Div. 2. In the end, qmk (USA) won in Div. 1 and Helomair (Taiwan) won in Div. 2. As an experiment, the Div. 2 bracket had been splitted in two after the pool round. Lozofan (USA) won this "Div. 3" bracket. On a different note, the member count reached 300 on June 1st.

What's next? Get ready for several new features in the upcoming year, including: Quickfires, Custom unofficial tournaments, in-game sound effects, a new handicap type, more statistics for players, translations, replays that can be downloaded, and many other cool features! The 1.0 released is under construction and might be released within two weeks. A lot of thanks for those have been supporting this website so far, either financially, by advertising the game, or by tracking bugs and suggesting me very nice ideas. Until these features become real, have fun on Worldwide Combos!


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