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Worldwide Combos 0.9 is out!

Created on 2018-05-14, last modified on 2018-05-14.


I've finally released Worldwide Combos 0.9. It is not the update with the biggest number of new features, yet it required a lot of work internally.

First, I have fixed the bugs that some of you had on Google Chrome. Now the game should be playable on all recent browers. Also, it will now scale to your browser's window's size! :D

Second, the Discord bot has come to a new stage of its existence: you may now synchronise your Discord account with your Worldwide Combos account. This will let you receive Discord notifications instead of e-mail ones, if you wish.

Third, there are a few new features: the website now supports timezones for match scheduling. Hopefully that will be helpful. The help pages have been updated and merged in a Wiki. The rating systems, especially the bonuses, also changed in Ghostbuster and Multiplayer rankings, in order to let these rankings be fairer.

Warning, right now the Tutorial is not working correctly anymore. It will be fixed in the future.

I hope you will enjoy this update. Also, get ready for the Beta Tournament 3: registration will open very soon!


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