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Register for Beta Tournament 2!

Created on 2018-02-19, last modified on 2018-02-19.

Hi again!

Registration for Beta Tournament 2 on Worldwide Combos is now open.

The tournament rules did not change since the first tournament, that is: 2 minutes for one round, no KO limit.

However, contrary to the previous one, this tournament will feature two divisions from the beginning. All participants will be taking part in a pool round, and play against three or four players of various levels. After the pool round, players will be seeded in their division's single elimination bracket.

Since the Tournament rankings is not very accurate yet, you will be able to choose in which Division to register. Here are a few tips if you don't know where to go.

  • If you can consistently Sub 40 in the Sprint mode (no matter where), you should definitely join the Division 1.
  • If you can hardly (or never) Sub 50 in the Sprint mode (no matter where), you should definitely join the Division 2.
  • If you are inbetween, then it is up to you, and to your multiplayer skills. If you really can't decide, please register in both divisions, and then I will choose your division for you.
Of course, you will eventually take part in one division only.

All other informations are on the tournament pages. Do not hesitate to contact me if you find any bugs or don't understand something. And do not forget to bring your friends, to make things even more fun!


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