Worldwide Combos

Upcoming features

This is the list of upcoming Worldwide Combos features and known issues.

Upcoming features

It is likely, that for every list, features at the top of it will be made first.

Known bugs

  • The Tutorial is not working.
  • In the Live page, the match's score does not appear.
  • The tournaments do not always update when a match has ended.
  • Similarly, the match report is not always displayed on the Discord server at its end.
  • On the Match page, the rounds' details are not always displayed correctly.
  • Most old multiplayer replays (prior to March 2018) eventually glitch after a KO.

In-game improvements

  • Improve disconnections handling.
  • Add the bomb handicap system (like in Tetris Battle®).
  • Prevent blocks from spawning on the sides (if the player wishes so).
  • Make the spectating feature look nicer, by adding some relevant informations on the screen.
  • Balance the Ghostbuster mode better by making replays play one against each other to give them a more accurate strength prediction.
  • Make a pause feature in Warm-up.
  • Improve the Live page by reducing lags and adding for information about current and upcoming games.
  • Add a second soft drop.

Other website features

  • Make the Time&Date fields optional when making a Custom game.
  • Make private custom games (so that people can't spectate, and so that the scores are not shown in the Discord server)
  • Let people make custom rooms with no point limit.
  • Make an up-to-date wiki.
  • Embed Worldwide Combos Twitch streams on the website when there are some.
  • Make an API feature (for profile page, rankings, etc.).
  • Put back the tuning and key bind thing in Settings.
  • Add a chat to the website (synchronized with Discord).
  • Add a custom tournament feature.
  • Make an achievement system.
  • Make some translations.
  • Add more customisable tournament systems (typically, for Quickfires).
  • Let people upload to Youtube and/or download replays under certain conditions.

Additional features

  • Add some Discord commands to the bot, such as displaying status, and some statistics.
  • Post announcements on Twitter and Facebook automatically from the server.
  • Add a turn-based version of the game on Discord.

Worldwide Combos 0.10.2 - Noël Nadal
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