Worldwide Combos

Upcoming features

It is likely, that for every list, features at the top of it will be made first.

Known bugs

  • The game doesn't display well on mobile phones, and on Google Chrome.
  • Survivor replays do not work correctly. Still, one should be able to watch most non-elite Survivor replays.
  • The tournaments do not always update when a match has ended.
  • Similarly, the match report is not always displayed on the Discord server at its end.
  • On the Match page, the rounds' details are not always displayed correctly.
  • Most old multiplayer replays (prior to March 2018) eventually glitch after a KO.

In-game improvements

  • Make the game scale to the player or to the viewer's screen..
  • Improve disconnections handling (in solo modes, or while waiting in the Quickplay queue, or while spectating).
  • Add the bomb handicap system (like in Tetris Battle).
  • Prevent blocks from spawning on the sides (if the player wishes so).
  • Make the spectating feature look nicer, by adding some relevant informations on the screen.
  • Balance the Ghostbuster mode better by making replays play one against each other to give them a more accurate strength prediction.
  • Make a pause feature in Warm-up.
  • Improve the Live page by reducing lags.

Other website features

  • Make the Time&Date fields optional when making a Custom game.
  • Make private custom games (so that people can't spectate, and so that the scores are not shown in the Discord server)
  • Let people make custom rooms with no point limit.
  • Make an up-to-date wiki.
  • Embed Worldwide Combos Twitch streams on the website when there are some.
  • Make an API feature (for profile page, rankings, etc.).
  • Put back the tuning and key bind thing in Settings.
  • Add a chat to the website (synchronized with Discord).
  • Add a custom tournament feature.
  • Make an achievement system.
  • Make some translations.
  • Add more customisable tournament systems (typically, for Quickfires).
  • Let people upload to Youtube and/or download replays under certain conditions.

Additional features

  • Add some Discord commands to the bot, such as synchronizing one's Discord account with their Worldwide Combos account, to get Discord notifications instead of e-mail notifications.
  • Post announcements on Twitter and Facebook automatically from the server.

Worldwide Combos 0.8.9 - Noël Nadal
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