Informations about [America] World Championship TLB Qualifier . Have fun!
Make sure to read all the rules before registering.

[America] World Championship TLB Qualifier


Final rankings
Registered players
General Information

Final rankings

Registered players

General information

Starting date and time: Sun Dec 08 2019 22:00:00 GMT+0100 (GMT+01:00).
Registration opens 24 hours before the start. Once the tournament has started late registration is available for 20 minutes. Registering twice is not possible.

Registration eligibility

  • One needs a validated Worldwide Combos account in order to register.
  • This is a qualifier, which means that you cannot take part if you already qualified for the target tournament.
  • Only players that live in the designated area are allowed to take part in this tournament.

Tournament format: first part, open phase

  • Expected length: approximately one hour.
  • The system is similar to Quickplay: everybody starts with a 900 rating and 100 bonus points and should try to maximise their rating.
  • A player is eliminated if their rating is below the rating limit. This limit is initially 800 and increases by 3 every minute.
  • If a player gets below the rating limit while they are still either in queue or playing a round, then this player is not immediately eliminated: eliminations occur only the rest of the time.
  • Top 6 advances to the play-offs phase: the matchmaking queue is closed whenever 6 players remain. If less than 6 players are left once everyone is done playing, then the 6 players with the highest final rating are through.

Tournament format: second part, play-offs phase

  • Expected length: approximately 30 minutes.
  • This phase consists of a single elimination bracket: seeding is made according to the open phase's final ratings. Ties are broken arbitrarily.
  • All matches are played in a first to 3, win by 1 format.
  • This part might be streamed on the Worldwide Combos Twitch channel.

Match rules: Bombs Quickplay rules (2 minutes per round, no Knock-Out limit, blocking garbage with bombs, 7-bag randomizer, usual attacking rules). The tuning limit is ENABLED, which means that tuning values are increased (if necessary) to 150/25, 25/25.

Registration process:

  • As a reminder, you need a validated Worldwide Combos account to be able to play.
  • Click on the Register button at the top of the page to register. You may unregister before the tournament starts, by clicking on the "Unregister" button which will appear at the same place once you are registered.
  • Once the tournament starts, a link to the place where you will play will appear right below that area.

Other rules:

  • There is nothing much to win, so please don't cheat. If you somehow find a critical issue on the website, please don't exploit it in a way that would influence the tournament's outcome, and report it.
  • The final matches might be uploaded to Youtube or Twitch, and when registering you agree with this.

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