Information about SEASON 1 TUNING LIMIT [Chaos]. Have fun!
Make sure to read all the rules before registering.



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General Information

Final rankings

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Registered players

General information

Starting date and time: Mon Sep 09 2019 11:05:00 GMT+0200 (GMT+02:00).
Registration opens one week before the start.

Registration eligibility

  • One needs a validated Worldwide Combos account in order to register.
  • There is no other requirement to register: you are all welcome! However, depending on your rating you might be put in a different division.

Tournament format

  • Expected length: 4 weeks. Top 2 or top 4 might play during a 5th week.
  • Players may schedule their matches with their opponent, while the deadline is not over.
  • All players will be put either in the main tournament or in a side tournament, according to their rating when the tournament starts. The format will be exactly the same for all tournaments.
  • The initial seeding is made according to the players' Tuning Limit Chaos rating.
  • First part (2 weeks): players are split into pools of 5 or 4 and play against each other in those pools, in first to 5 win by 1 matches. Players are ranked according to the victory rate, the difference between the number of rounds won and the number of rounds lost, and a few other tiebreakers. Players that are in the top 16 or are in the top 70% advance to the second part.
  • Second part (2+ weeks): single elimination bracket. The seeding is made according to the first part's results. However, some changes are made to avoid having two players from the same pool play against each other on the first round of the bracket. Bracket matches are first to 7, win by 2.

Match rules: Rounds last 2 minutes, with no Knock-Out limit. Handicap is blocking garbage with holes. 21-bag, all spins rules are applied. The tuning limit is ENABLED, which means that tuning values are increased (if necessary) to 150/25, 25/25.

Registration process:

  • You need a validated Worldwide Combos account to be able to play.
  • Click on the Register button at the top of the page to register, and fill the registration form. You may unregister before the tournament starts, by clicking on the "Unregister" button which will appear at the same place once you are registered.

Rewards: the tournament winner wins a tournament winner role on the Discord server.

Other rules:

  • There is nothing much to win, so please don't cheat. If you somehow find a critical issue on the website, please don't exploit it in a way that would influence the tournament's outcome, and report it.
  • Not showing up while being registered is not fair for other people. If it happens too many times you may not be able to compete in future tournaments.
  • The final match of the main tournament might be uploaded to Youtube, and when registering you agree with this.
  • Joining the Discord server might be a good idea for scheduling matches. Also, make sure to check your private messages, as you will be able to chat with your opponents directly on the website.

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