Informations about Christmas Quickfire #1. Have fun!
Make sure to read all the rules before registering.

Christmas Quickfire #1

Registered players

General information

Starting date and time: Sat Dec 22 2018 21:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC).
Registration opens one hour before the start.

Registration eligibility

  • One needs a validated Worldwide Combos account in order to register.
  • There is no maximal number of players.

Contest format.

  • Expected length: between one hour and one hour and a half, yet this estimation might become inaccurate if the number of participants is much higher than expected.
  • If the number of participants is 4 or less, the format will be round robin, otherwise it will be swiss, the number of matches being at most 4 per player (might be 3 for some people if the number of players is odd).

Match rules

  • Rounds last 2 minutes, with no Knock-Out limit.
  • Handicap type is garbage with bombs.
  • All matches are first to 5, win by 1.

Registration process:

  • You need a validated Worldwide Combos account to be able to play.
  • Click on the Register button at the top of the page to register. You may unregister before the Quickfire starts, by clicking on the "Unregister" button which appears at the same place.


One player among all those who participated in at least one 2018 Christmas Quickfire and didn't forfeit in any of their matches will be chosen randomly and will win a Twitch subscription to a channel (level 1, worth 4,99USD). This channel may be chosen my the winner but should be related to block-stacking games in general and has to be approved by the administrator.

Technical details about giving out the prize: the random draw procedure will be explained beforehand and streamed on Twitch right after the second Quickfire has ended (on channel "noelnadal"). Once the winner is known, they should contact the administrator within 7 days to claim their prize, otherwise the prize will be lost. The subscription, if approved, will be gifted within the 7 days following the winner's claim. If not approved, then the winner will have again 7 days to claim the prize on another channel, and so on.

Other rules:

  • There is nothing much to win, so please don't cheat. If you somehow find a critical issue on the website, please don't exploit it in a way that would influence the tournament's outcome, and report it.
  • Not showing up while being registered is not fair for other people. If it happens too many times you may not be able to compete in future tournaments.


  • The tournament system is still not ready for short tournaments, so please join the Discord server, to be aware of upcoming matches.
  • More generally, please say clearly whenever you need to be away from your keyboard, to avoid delays in the tournament.

  • In the Options page, it is possible to make your blocks spawn one line higher.

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