Informations about Beta Tournament 1. Have fun!
Make sure to read all the rules before registering.

Beta Tournament 1


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General information

Starting date: 2017, November 27th, 00:00 UTC
Registration is closed.

Contest format:

  • One pool round, with groups of 4 or 5 players in each pool. One player's seeding is determined by the following criteria: number of tournament points, then multiplayer elo rating, then sprint personal best, then tournament registration date. Before pools are created every player with even seeding has 50% chance to be swapped with the player with the next better seeding (1 with 2, then 3 with 4, etc.).
  • One single elimination table, with players being split in two divisions, according to their ranking after the pool round. The ranking is determined by victory rate, then there are various tie-breakers such as the points difference, number of rounds won, etc..

Match rules:

  • Rounds last 2 minutes, with no Knock-Out limit. Handicap type is usual garbage (with holes).
  • Pool matches: first to 5, win by 1.
  • Single elimination matches: first to 7, win by 2.

Registration process:

  • You need a validated Worldwide Combos account to be able to play.
  • In order for the server to schedule automatically your matches, you need to tell us at which times of the day your are available. Since the tournament should last less than four weeks, we only need informations on these four weeks.
  • In order to avoid scheduling problems, you should be available at least 21 hours a week, on at least two distinct days.


  • All players win tournament points. If N is the number of participants and C your ranking, you win 64*(1.01 - log(C)/log(N)) points truncated to two decimals, where log(X) stands for the natural logarithm of X.
  • The website's background image might be replaced with a screen from one of the matches, but players have the right to oppose to this.

Other rules:

  • This game is not compatible with all browsers. It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox. Especially, it is known that using some versions of Edge on Windows, or Google Chrome on Mac, may trigger bugs client-side.
  • There is nothing much to win, so please don't cheat. If you somehow find a critical issue on the website, please don't exploit it in a way that would influence the tournament's outcome, and report it.
  • Not showing up for matches is not fair for other people. If you miss too many matches you may not be able to compete in future tournaments.
  • If you realize that you are not available anymore when your match starts, you can ask for a schedule change, through the website. Please don't delay matches too much as people usually like when tournaments finish quickly.
  • By registering for the contest you agree to receive e-mail notifications about the contest itself. Don't worry, most of the time you will be told when your next matches have been scheduled, and that's all.
  • Division 1 semi-final and final rounds will probably be uploaded to Youtube, and by registering you agree with this.

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