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When you play, you use one block at a time. You can do the following moves with it.

  • Move the block left or right (with arrow keys).
  • Move the block down quicker (with the down arrow key) or instantly (with the space bar).
  • Rotate the block clockwise (with the up arrow key) or counterclockwise (with the x key).
  • Put a block aside, or "hold" it (with the Caps key). If you already used this since the begining of the game, then your current block is replaced that the one you were "holding", otherwise you get the next piece.
You may change the keys to use in Training > Options, or in the Tutorial.

When you start playing, your screen should look like this:

A nice picture should appear here.

  1. the block you are currently holding (assuming you are holding one);
  2. number of times your opponent was knocked out;
  3. number of lines you sent
  4. your field (the game starts at the end of the countdown);
  5. your upcoming blocks (your next block is the one at the top, and so on);
  6. the block your opponent is currently holding (assuming he is holding one);
  7. number of times your were knocked out;
  8. number of lines sent by your opponent;
  9. your opponent's field;
  10. your opponent's upcoming blocks;
  11. the remaining time.

Sending lines

The number of lines that are sent is computed as follows. Note that scores below are cumulative.

Basic line clears

NameLines sent

Please note, that clearing a single line does not send lines to the opponent.


NameLines sent
T-Spin Mini1
T-Spin Single2
T-Spin Double3
T-Spin Triple4

When you place a T-like block in a way such that three of the block's "corners" are already occupied by another block that was already there before, then you make a T-Spin. A T-Spin Mini is a T-Spin that doesn't clear any line.


Number of combosLines sent

A k-combo is made, when you clear lines with k+1 consecutive blocks. A 1-combo doesn't send lines.


NameLines sent
B2B T-Spin Mini1
B2B T-Spin Single2
B2B T-Spin Double3
B2B T-Spin Triple4
B2B Quadruple3

A Back-to-back is made, when two consecutive line clears are made in the same way, provided this way of clearing lines is one of the five ways that are listed above. Please note, that it is not necessary to make these two line clears with two consecutive blocks.

How to win

The winner of a game should be the player who was knocked out the less.

In case of a tie, the winner is the player who sent the most lines to his opponent.

If there is still a tie, then we consider the height of the highest block in each player's grid. The player who has the lowest such block wins.

If there is still a tie, then nobody wins.


As said before, there are two distinct rankings: the solo ranking and the multiplayer ranking. For both of them, you need a valid account to be in.

Both ratings are similar to an Elo rating. Yet, the outcome of the game is 1 or 0 if or only if you win or lose by at least 3 KOs. The outcome will be 0.9 if you win by 2 KOs, 0.8 if you win my 1 KO, 0.7 if you win because of the number of sent lines, 0.6 if you win with the numbers of KOs and lines sent that are equal.

Please note that, winning a match doesn't guarantee that your rating change will be positive.

In the future, there will probably be a ranking based only on tournament results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my key binds and my speed tunings?

In your dashboard, click on "Options", which is the bottom-right button.

My settings are not updated. Why?

In the tutorial, you may change your key binds, and such changes are saved automatically. When you are changing settings elsewhere, you have to hit the "Update" button at the bottom of the page once you are done.

In the ghostbuster mode, my opponent freezes and gets knocked out alone.

This is because in some previous versions the replays would not save correctly. Replays that are broken are removed one by one when someone finds them. This problem should disappear in the long term.

In the multiplayer mode, my opponent's grid does not display correctly.

This is a bug that has not been solved yet. However, scores and match results are updated correctly whatever you may see. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I did not receive the validation e-mail.

Please check your spam box. It happens that the e-mail takes a few minutes to arrive. If this problem persists, please report the problem here.

How to delete my account?

Please send an e-mail here by saying explicitly that you want your account to be deleted.

When I play, the blocks have a weird behavior, such as shifting by one pixel and not matching the grid correctly anymore.

Some people reported such a bug when they were using Google Chrome. Hopefully an explanation will be found very soon.

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