Worldwide Combos

What is Worldwide Combos?

Worldwide Combos is a multiplayer "1 versus 1" game, where you have to knock out your opponent as much as possible. Your opponent is knocked out when he or she cannot place new blocks in the grid. In order to win, you can send handicap lines to your opponent, by clearing lines on your side.

Worldwide Combos is much inspired by a few games such as Tetris Friends ©, but brings a competitive aspect that most websites with similar games do not have. If you like taking part in tournaments and trying to be the best, then you are on the right plateform!

Technical information

This game was mostly made with jQuery client side, and Node.js server side. The server is hosted by Gandi, on a Simple Hosting instance, size XL. Note that, this CSS template was used.

It is recommending to play Worldwide Combos using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. It may work on some other browsers as well (such as Safari).

The admin

This website was made by Noël Nadal.

Noël was born in 1997 and studies Computer Science in the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, in France. He started playing Tetris-related games in May 2011. Apart from that, he likes web programming, competitive programming and fencing.

Worldwide Combos 0.8.2 - Noël Nadal
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